After Sales

Saudi Diesel Equipment offers its customers the best After-Sales Services the market has to offer. Our staff has an accumulated experience of more than 35 years.

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SDEC offers Superior & effective after-sales services with unrivaled maintenance & support. Our teams of experienced engineers & technicians are located all around the kingdom providing 24/7 kingdom-wide support, including clients site field service.

At its Head Office in Al Khobar, SDEC has a large engine overhaul and component rebuilding facility. This facility is equipped with tooling and machinery to handle diesel engines of all sizes. Full dynamo-meter testing is undertaken on rebuilds, with a testing capability of up to 2,000 bhp. In addition, SDEC offers its client a wide selection of customer operational maintenance training programs upon demand.


Saudi Diesel Equipment operates a fully integrated transport service, which supplies parts to branches and dealers within hours of request. SDEC’s policy is to offer efficient after sales backup, and strives to make dependable, genuine spare parts readily available to all customers. It’s parts inventory warehouses and speedy service support centers span geographically over the entire kingdom to include: Al-Khobar, Jeddah, Madina, Bahah, Dammam, Riyadh, Jubail, Qassim, and Abha, in addition to a Doosan PDC in Dubai and an additional network of Sub-Dealers all over the Kingdom.


It offers all SDEC’s own parts products and genuine spares of Detroit Diesel, Doosan, Allison, EVERDIGM, MSB, Montabert and other brands. SDEC replenishes its stock of spare parts continuously. Specific computer software tracks and manages stock in a proactive manner.

Why Buy Genuine Parts?

Why Buy Genuine Parts?



A package program of regular inspection and maintenance designed by our principles and carried out by Saudi Diesel experienced staff and engineers.